Crypto Compare revealed that Binance and Bitmex have market dominance in persistent Bitcoin futures.


A recent cryptocurrency review revealed that the two dominant forces in bitcoin permanent futures are Binance and BitMEX. These two exchanges hold 40% of the market.

The Numbers Are Quite Impressive

Research and analysis firm Crypto Compare published its December Digital Asset Exchange review, which examined key developments in the crypto exchange industry. For corporate products, it appeared that CME was still leading the way for regulated Bitcoin derivatives with trading volumes of just under $ 4 billion in the month. In a statement, Grayscale's Bitcoin trust said the product had about ten percent of that total trading volume.

In derivatives traded on crypto exchanges, OKEx accounted for most of its daily derivatives volumes at $ 3.32 billion per day, according to the study. the figures in this parameter are at $ 2.7 billion in Huobi, $ 1.9 billion in BitMEX and $ 797 million in Binance…

On the other hand, the report revealed that the most traded products by total monthly volume were BitMEX's Bitcoin permanent futures, with $ 53.1 billion.

Other Trading Volumes

As well as bitcoin, BitMEX Ethereum proved to dominate 44% of the market with $ 3.6 billion in permanent futures volumes. Binance and OKEx followed BitMEX with $ 1.9 billion and $ 1.7 billion, respectively.

On the other hand, volume on Bitcoin exchanges, which offer only crypto pairs, accounts for 79% of total trading volume ($340.29 billion). Along with crypto pairs, exchanges that support traditional currencies also account for 21% of the total volume. Looking at traditional trading pairs, it was revealed that 70% of traditional currency transactions were made in USD in December. However, sales volume in December fell to 835,000 Bitcoin, down 9% from the previous month.