Tesla buying era begins with Bitcoin

Tesla buying era begins with Bitcoin


A new one has been added to Elon Musk's recent statements that have greatly influenced the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency agenda. According to Elon Musk via Twitter, the Tesla buying period begins with Bitcoin. For now, the service is only available to customers within the United States. This alternative is seen as a crucial step for the future of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. After this announcement, it is undoubtedly a fact that the markets will move. 

According to this tweet, it is now possible to buy Tesla with Bitcoin. In addition, Musk also says that cryptocurrencies that will fall into the hands of the company after transactions with Bitcoin will not be converted into another form of money. This means that payments made with Bitcoin will continue to exist in the company's coffers as Bitcoin.

As is known, this is not the first time that the duo of Tesla and Bitcoin have sided with each other. The company had previously raised $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin investments. It is reasonable that a firm that already has such an accumulation does not convert payments that it receives with Bitcoin.

How this announcement by Musk will stimulate markets is a question of curiosity. And it is an undeniable fact that we will witness this in the coming process.

Customers immediately started buying Tesla with Bitcoin

The company has also added frequently asked questions to the support section of the site. According to the information contained here, vehicle payment can be made by QR code and address copy method. If a payment is made in the wrong amount, the order may be canceled and delayed. In addition, in order to avoid problems, the payment must be made from one account at a time.

It says the payment could take up to six hours from a minute. In addition, it says that for now only Bitcoin can be paid. If another cryptocurrency is traded, the company will not receive payment. In this case, the user may lose their money.

For now, Payment With Bitcoin is only a valid payment alternative in the US. However, it is announced that it may also become active for other markets in the coming period. Another tweet shared by Musk states that the option to pay with Bitcoin will be opened outside the United States later this year.

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