Amazon Games Montreal Opens: New Game Studio

Amazon Games Montreal Opens: New Game Studio


Due to the growth of the gaming industry every day, many new game companies are entering the market. Amazon also appears to have decided to expand its investments in the gaming industry. As part of this decision, Amazon opened its new game studio in Montreal. 4 worldwide on Amazon. the game studio is also being opened in conjunction with Amazon Games Montreal.

Amazon To Focus On Game Development

Amazon has emphasized many times that the gaming industry is a fairly large market, and they can also succeed in this industry. But the company's attempts to develop games in previous years had failed. Because of this, claims that” Amazon will be withdrawn from the gaming industry " have been circulating for some time. However, with Amazon's new move, those claims have also languished. The company announced that they had opened a game development studio in Montreal.

In past years, the company had opened Game Studios in Seattle, San Diego and California. Although they tried to develop some games in these studios, they did not achieve the desired success. For this reason, Amazon wanted to leave its new studio to master names. Because the studio, which opened in Montreal, is headed by the developers of Rainbow Six Siege.

The team will include Luc Bouchard as head of production, Xavier Marquis as creative director, Alexandre Remy as head of product and Romain Rimokh as content director. In addition, according to Amazon's statement, the team is short of software developers and game artists. In a statement on the official site, there is also a link to the career page for those who want to work in these positions.

Xavier Marquis, creative director of the new studio, notes that their experience with Rainbow Six Siege will be very effective at Amazon's new studio. Marquis also says that they are very excited to create a multiplayer game from scratch with the new team.

Amazon Games vice president Christoph Hartmann says they have a lot of confidence in the team and believe they will succeed. Hartmann notes that there are a lot of creative people in Montreal, and this will be very effective when developing their teams. Hartmann is also quite ambitious that the team will create the best online games. The vice president adds that they are eagerly awaiting the team's first project.

Amazon Games is preparing to bring an open world game and a few surprise games to gamers in August 2021. We'll be looking forward to these games. You can stay with us for further developments.

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